Lifetime Movies True Stories Old List

A list of old Lifetime movies based on true stories. Stories of the real people who inspired made-for-TV movies in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s first aired on Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network but eventually began airing in true crime documentaries on Investigation Discovery, Oxygen, and Reelz. ‘Movies based on true stories’ is a phrase that was coined in the 1990s with the debut of the Movies Based on True Stories Database and The Movies Based on True Stories Archives by Traciy Curry-Reyes. Today, there are multiple pages dedicated to true-story movies. We’ve decided to take some of the movies that were once on our now-defunct pages and place them on this new page in an effort to re-create some of the magic and nostalgia from the past. These movies are old classics–a list of unforgettable fact-based films inspired by true events or suggested by actual events.


List of films based on true stories and inspired by actual events

Black Widow Murders: The Blanche Taylor Moore Story