Dionne Baugh, Dionne Nelson: The Lance Herndon Case Timeline, Where Is She Now?


The Lance Herndon, Dionne Baugh story aired on Fatal Attraction‘s episode “Millionaire Murder.” It was based on the case of the Atlanta businessman who was found dead in his bed. Scorned lover Dionne Baugh was convicted in his death.

A slew of beautiful women took the stand. All of them had dated the handsome black millionaire, and some had dated Lance Herndon at the same time!

  • Lance Herndon had a fondness for the finer things in life, and just as he was in the prime of his career and enjoying complete bachelorhood in Atlanta, Georgia, he met the sultry but deadly Dionne Baugh, a light-skinned Jamaican woman who turned his world upside down.

This episode of Fatal Attraction was shot in Atlanta, Georgia in 2014. It was my first time appearing on a national television show.



Lance Herndon-Dionne Baugh: Scorned Lover Murder Timeline

(This is the article I wrote about the case for Examiner in 2014)


Lance Herndon Fatal Attraction case: Lance Herndon, 41, an Atlanta entrepreneur and owner of Access Inc, was bludgeoned to death in his home in Roswell, Georgia in 1996. His lover, Dionne Baugh aka Dionne Andrea Baugh, was convicted of his murder. The trial, which aired on Court TV, was dubbed “The Scorned Lover Trial.” Dionne Baugh has since been released from prison.



Lance Herndon makes headlines several times due to the success of his consulting company. His company, Access Inc., is recognized by President Bill Clinton.


May: Lance Herndon, a successful computer exec enjoys the single life in Atlanta. He has lavish parties, gorgeous women, and a beautiful home in Roswell. Lance Herndon meets Jamaican-born beauty Dionne Nelson at a business party. The two hit it off and begin an intensely intimate relationship. Dionne doesn’t know that Herndon is also seeing several other women at the same time.

August: Months later, Lance Herndon and Dionne Baugh are not getting along. He has called the police several times to have her physically removed from his home. On the night of August 8, Dionne sweet talks her way inside his mansion for some bedroom time. The two engage in a night of passion until Herndon falls asleep.

  • The next day, Lance Herndon fails to show up to his home office, which is located in the downstairs suite. Lance’s body is discovered in his upstairs bedroom by his mother, Jackie Herndon. When police arrive, they find the 41-year-old entrepreneur completely unclothed with a gash to the head.



August 12: Memorial services are held at Moorehouse College for Lance Herndon. Ex-wife, Jeannine Herndon, announces she will lead Access Inc.


January 30: Dionne Baugh, is arrested for the murder of Lance Herndon. She is placed in the Roswell jail.

February: Dionne Baugh is indicted on murder, fraud, and theft charges, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She is indicted under the name Dionne Nelson and is later released on bond.

December: Dionne Nelson, aka Dionne Baugh, of Norcross, pleads not guilty to murder.


April: Dionne Baugh is found guilty of killing the computer executive in his mansion. The defense attorneys try to have the conviction dismissed. The judge allows the conviction to stand.


July: Dionne Baugh’s murder conviction is overturned by the Supreme Court.

August: Baugh must stand trial again. Her bond is $500,000.

September: Trial begins again for Dionne Baugh.

November: The trial ends in a mistrial.



[Lance Herndon story–photo property of Traciy Curry-Reyes]



September: Dionne Baugh is headed back to trial for the third time. She finally pleads guilty to manslaughter to avoid another trial. Dionne Baugh receives 10 years in a Georgia prison. Prosecutors say Dionne Baugh killed Lance Herndon in a jealous rage. She realized he was still playing with her mind, and she was enraged that he had not gone to court to have the charges against her dropped as he had promised.


October: Ron Stodghill’s Redbone: Money, Malice, and Murder in Atlanta hits bookshelves. It is based on the Lance Herndon case.


Dionne Baugh is released from prison but must complete 10 years of probation.


This case has always fascinated me. While researching, I heard that Dionne Baugh had traveled to Jamaica at one time. Someone also told me she was living in Georgia, but she keeps a very low profile. (not sure if this is still true today)

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