‘Black Widow Murders’: Blanche Taylor Moore True Story Lifetime Movie


Black Widow Murders: The Blanche Taylor Moore Story was a fact-based made-for-tv movie based on a true story. The crime drama movie was inspired by Blanche Moore, aka Blanche Taylor Moore, a woman who was suspected of killing several people. The movie first aired as a Monday night movie on May 03, 1993 on NBC. Lifetime Television later showed the film throughout the 1990s. Black Widow Murders: The Blanche Taylor Moore Story was based on Preacher’s Girl, a book by Jim Schutze. Black Widow Murders stars Elizabeth MontgomeryDavid Clennon, and John M. Jackson.


My Synopsis: Sweet Blanche meets a devoted pastor and marries him, but when the pastor takes ill on their honeymoon, investigators focus their attention on his church-going wife, Blanche. The original Black Widow Murders tagline read this way.

“She was a loving wife, a passionate lover, and a trusted friend. What made Blanche love all her men to death?”

True Story: Blanche Taylor Moore, a preacher’s daughter was convicted of the 1986 murder of Raymond Reid, her lover. The case came to police’s attention in 1989 after her husband, Rev. Dwight Moore took ill, which prompted police to investigate how Raymond Reid died.


The investigation revealed Blanche Taylor Moore had been at Raymond Reid’s bedside while he was hospitalized. According to the nurses, she doted on him and frequently brought him tasty homemade treats. However, each time Raymond ate her food, his condition worsened. He finally passed away. Doctors at first believed he had an autoimmune disease. The medical examiners later confirmed that Raymond Reid’s death was not from natural causes.



Two years later, Blanche Taylor Moore began a courtship with Dwight Moore. Church members say she seemed like a caring and compassionate woman. When her true nature came to light, it shocked everyone since no one could believe she would be capable of such an act. Had it not been for Dwight Moore, Blanche Taylor Moore would have gotten away with murder.


After digging through her background, detectives found there were other family members who died under similar conditions: her father, P.D. Kiser, her mother-in-law, Isla Taylor, and her first husband, James N. Taylor. At trial, Rev. Dwight Moore helped seal her fate.


Update: Blanche Taylor Moore is still incarcerated. A 2015 article by Journal Now stated that she is the oldest living inmate on death row in North Carolina.


Interesting Extras: Black Widow Murders: The Blanche Taylor Moore Story

  • The secret was in Blanche Taylor Moore’s tainted puddings.
  • She was once diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Experts say she had “daddy issues.”
  • Blanche met Raymond Reid at Kroger’s Grocery Store, the Los Angeles Times reported.
  • She is listed as Blanche K. Moore at the North Carolina Dept. of Corrections site.
  • She is 84 years old.

Black Widow Murders‘ NBC/Lifetime movie was directed by Alan Metzger and written by Judith Paige Mitchell. Andrea Baynes and Judith Paige Mitchell were the executive producers. The IMDB says the movie was produced by Andrea Baynes Productions, Lorimar Television, and Finnegan/Pinchuk Productions.

Blanche Moore’s case was presented in the crime TV series, Deadly Women, on Investigation Discovery. The episode is called “Revenge.” The story also appeared in an episode of New Detectives in 1999.










[Main Image by North Carolina Dept. of Corrections]



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