Leon Baucham: Mother-In-Law, Jacqueline Ray, Gig Harbor, Washington, Case


The Leon Baucham, Jacqueline Ray case was one of the most interesting cases that I have researched. We shot this episode in Knoxville, Tennessee, in May of 2016. It aired on TV One. Leon Baucham’s story aired on Fatal Attraction in October of 2016. The episode recounting the story was “Death Trap.” Leon Baucham was a hardworking father who was gunned down in 2012 by a man his mother-in-law hired. The Boeing employee’s mother-in-law was Jacqueline Ray. The crime took place in Gig Harbor, Washington. 



Mother-In-Law Couldn’t Stand Her Daughter’s Husband

Jacqueline Ray (Jackie Ray) wanted her daughter, Umeko Roberts, to stay away from Leon Baucham because she thought he’d kill her. However, Jackie’s plan to get rid of her own son-in-law was absolutely crazy.


Leon Baucham went missing in 2012. It didn’t take long for police to take a look at Jacqueline Ray. What made police target the seemingly-sweet grandmother right away was she was the last person to see Leon before he vanished.


Leon Baucham Didn’t Trust Umeko Roberts

Leading up to all of this was the tumultuous relationship between Leon Baucham and his princess, Umeko. To him, Umeko was a living doll. However, the beautiful trophy wife had her own mind, and it was hard for Leon to control her.

By all accounts, Leon Baucham was a nice man, but he had a temper when he felt he was being mistreated. A strong-headed man, Leon wanted Umeko to be truthful about what she was doing and where she was going.


Umeko Roberts was having an affair on the side with a man at work, and Leon found out about it. When he did, Leon “went ballistic” and broke his wife’s eye socket during an argument. He really hurt Umeko, and the incident made Jacqueline Ray more determined to get Leon away from her daughter.


The eye incident wasn’t the first time there was domestic abuse in their household. While Umeko Roberts was pregnant, Leon also took his anger out on her. The incident wasn’t brought out in the Fatal Attraction episode, as I recall. It was obvious to Umeko’s prenatal nurses that something happened to her.

However, there was a reason the domineering mother was so afraid for Umeko. Jackie Ray’s former husband, killed his second wife and himself during a domestic incident years after Jackie divorced him.


(Photo: Leon Baucham Memorial Page/Facebook)


Jackie Ray knew how it would end for Umeko, and she wasn’t going to take the chance Umeko would meet a similar fate. That’s when she began planning to kill him. Jackie contacted a man named, Luis Barker, a common criminal who she believed would do the dirty deed for a price. According to Jackie, he was only supposed to hurt Leon, not end his life.


When you talk to someone like Jackie Ray, she sounds like a normal person. She is intelligent and big-hearted, according to those who know her. No one would ever believe she could do something so heinous. Jacqueline Ray literally ambushed Leon Baucham. The thing about it was Leon suspected he was possibly walking into a trap, which is why he told his friend to be on alert if he didn’t hear from him.


A Grandmother Stoops To Low Levels To Get Revenge On Son-In-Law

In the end, Jacqueline was willing to do anything to protect Umeko. Even now that Jackie Ray is in prison, her family members still love and support her. Umeko Roberts totally understood why her mother did what she did. The jury did not.


Jackie is in prison for the next 18 years.


This case was very intriguing to me. I thought it was interesting to read up on Jacqueline Ray’s psychological background. What I learned from the report was Jackie was a total “people-pleaser.” She was the one who always took care of everyone and made everything right. If someone in the family needed to rent a new place, Jackie would do it. If someone had a problem, Jackie solved it. She was the glue that held the family together.



The last I heard, Jackie Ray was still keeping the family together. Her youngest daughter has grown up and is living with her father. Jackie’s husband and children still visit her in prison. I believe the only children who don’t see her are Leon’s children.



[Main Image by Leon Baucham Memorial Page/ Facebook]




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