Kathy ‘Dusty’ Brown: Wife Of Marine Chris Randall Brown Solicited Younger Lover To Kill Husband


Kathy Charlene “Dusty” Brown was an American woman from Ada, Oklahoma. She was convicted of conspiracy in the death of her Marine husband, Chris Randall Brown. Authorities say 22-year old Chris R. Brown was stabbed over 20 times in an apartment located on the Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station base while stationed in Hawaii in 1982.

Court records show that Kathy Dusty Brown’s younger lover Ralph Rocky Jackson, 19, committed the murder because Dusty wanted him to do it.¬† By all accounts, Kathy Charlene Brown was a charming seductress who mesmerized the men in her life. From her short skirts and long nails to her red-painted lips and sexy stroll, Dusty warmed the beds of many men but some say her cold heart left a slew of casualties behind.


Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, as Kathy Charlene Jackson, the charismatic blonde-haired girl quickly learned how to manipulate those around her. No one knew that better than Chris Brown, the handsome young Marine whom she’d met at a local bar, which was a frequent hang out for all the Marine fellows.


Chis Randall Brown was taken with her from the very moment he saw her, and Dusty’s fiery antics in the bedroom hooked the small-town country boy even more. They say Chris Brown’s mother, Mary Brown, was furious when she met Dusty on their trip down to Gadsden, Alabama.


At a glance, Mary had sized Dusty up as a woman who was ‘too fast’ for her young son. However, Chris wouldn’t listen. He wanted that woman, and he was upset that his family didn’t like Dusty. Even still, he wanted to make a life with her and was glad to have her as his wife.


Sadly, the former Etowah High School football star had no way of knowing that in just a few short years his life would spiral out of control so much that he’d end up fighting for custody of his daughter and fighting for his life.

Prosecutors say that Kathy Brown was looking for a nice, gullible Marine to marry so she could get the military benefits. It didn’t take long for Chris to see that Dusty was not wife material, much less fit to be a mother, according to Mary Brown.


Near the end, Kathy Brown took up living with another Marine. Then, she set her sights on nineteen-year-old Rocky Brown, a Texas man who investigators say was enticed to kill Chris Brown before he had a chance to divorce Kathy and gain custody of their daughter, Terrah Christine Brown, according to the Gadsden Times.


After the death of her son, Mary Brown was determined to get custody of baby Christy. The custody battle got so ugly between the grandmother and her daughter-in-law that Dusty came to Alabama and kidnapped the baby before fleeing to Illinois.


It took investigators five months to find them. With her precious granddaughter back in her arms, Mary Brown dedicated the rest of her time trying to bring Dusty to justice. She finally got her break, after law enforcement investigators convinced Rocky Jackson that Dusty needed to pay for her part in Chris Brown’s murder.

Rocky was more than willing to help police after he learned Dusty was back home living it up with another lover while he took the fall.


Eventually, Kathy Charlene Brown was arrested and convicted of conspiracy. After serving only four years in jail, she had several other scrape ups with the law, which led to a second brief incarceration. When A Matter Of Justice, the movie based on her case, came to television, it put Dusty back in the spotlight, keeping in harmony with Mary’s goal to never give her a moment’s peace.


  • Mary Brown died in 2010 at age 74.
  • Kathy Charlene Brown thought she could live her life after Mary Brown’s death. She even married a younger man. However, just a year later,¬†Kathy Charlene Lyons, died in 2011 at the age of 54.
  • Ralph Rocky Jackson was given a life sentence. He was released in 2002 after serving only 20 years at a Leavenworth prison. After Rocky’s release from prison, he returned to Texas, where he met and married a Dusty Brown look-a-like.


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